Rights concerning the guaranty and refusal

    1.  All commodities purchased in the shop Skyhunters.eu have the guaranty of the manufacturer.
    2. The service maintenance for all commodities offered by the shop  Skyhunters.eu is provided  according to the provisions of the Law on Consumer Protection. The consumer is entitled to make a claim about the non- compliance of the commodity to the contract provisions during two years since the date of purchase. 
    3. The  guaranty period set by the manufacturer concerning the commodities can  differ,  you can seek the information concerning the  terms of the manufacturer guaranty for the certain commodity in the description of the commodity, you can also ask, writing e-mail:  info@skyhunters.eu or calling: +371 27013333.
    4. Before you start to use the purchased commodity, please read the user manual  and use the commodity only according the instructions of its  manufacturer and  taking into account the special features, as well as provided  purpose of use.
    5. To obtain the service maintenance, you have to save and to show the document affirming the purchase or to deliver the commodity to the authorized service centre of the manufacturer or distributor, or to the service centre of the internet shop Skyhunters.eu.
    6. We inform, that the guaranty provisions are not applicable for the supplementary belongings of the commodity (for instance, commodities for accessories), energy sistems (for instance, batteries, accumulators), light bulbs  (for instance, electrical, LED, gallogen, safe energy and other kinds of lamps), accessories having  limited ressource (for instance, fuses) and other electrical equipment.
    7. Remember, that the Law on Consumer Protection is not applicable to the cases, when the commodity is purchased by the legal persons.

    The manufacturer guaranty  is not applicable to damages, which are caused by  the consumer or user.

    1. In case if the imprints of the unskilled repair are seen on the commodity: it is stated, that the guaranty seal of manufacturer is broken, the series number is damaged, the  entry  into the commodity  non- complying with user manual has taken place and/or the customer has tried  to repair damage  by his own forces.
    2. the commodity was not used for the purpose intended  and it was not applied according the user manual;
    3. damages, which give evidence  to  the improper operation of the commodity: scraped, broken constructions,  water poured  into the improper sites, the commodity cared using improper care products,  if the extraneous items are found in the commodity, the entry of the insects into the commodity is possible etc;
    4. in case if the damage arised due to non- conformity of the supply voltage, telecommunications, cable networks to the standard specification set by manufacturer, sudden temperature fluctations, as well as other life-style and external factors, for instance (smoke- black, smoke, dust, humidity etc);
    5. in the cases of the natural wearing away.
    6. if the commodity contains the irregular energy system, accesories and spare parts, which are not certified by the manufacturer for the use with the certain commodity and if it has caused the damages of this commodity;
    7. the guaranty is not applicable to the supplementary equipment – batteries, connecting cables, chargers, consoles).
    8. if the commodity was used by the customer for industrial or industrial purposes (in case if the certain commodity is not  provided for  such purposes);
    9. the guaranty is not valid, if the damages are  due to improper transportation;
    10. the regular service maintenance is not performed (concerns the commodities to which it is needed).

    In case the commodities do not meet the specified quality or  is broken  down, the customer has  following rights in accordance with the Law on Consumer Protection
    1. The application  to the manufacturer or distributor in the service centre specified within the guaranty receipt (taking with you the purchase receipt and the guaranty card)  is recomended as the way  of the fastest problem solving:
    2. Contact the  stuff of Skyhunters.eu via e- mail: info@skyhunters.eu  or telephone  +371 27013333  You can also go to  Kr. Barona 130 / K 10, Rīga, LV-1012 (Ieeja no Dārzaugļu ielas pretī DUS Statoil) (taking with you the purchase receipt and guaranty card)
    3. In case, if the guaranty receipt is not valid,  but the customer refuses  to  pay for repair, the customer has to cover the expenses of the diagnostic  and the customer receives the report about the stated damages. If the customer agrees to pay for repair, the costs of the diagnostic have not be borne.