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Levenhuk Skyline Travel Sun 50 Telescope

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Levenhuk Skyline Travel Sun 50 Telescope
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  • Brand: Levenhuk
  • Product Code: 71996
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Levenhuk Skyline Travel Sun 50 Telescope is a compact and lightweight optical tool with quality glass optics. This universal model is also suitable for simple observations of the planets of the Solar system, terrestrial objects, the Moon, and (with a special filter only), the Sun. This telescope allows observing the sunspots on the Sun’s surface. You must be very careful when observing the Sun. Always make sure a solar filter is securely attached to the telescope tube. The filter must completely cover the aperture. Never look at the Sun and the bright area of the sky around it through the finder scope.

Barlow lens 3x
Country PRC, controlled by Levenhuk, Inc. (USA)
Diameter of the objective lens (aperture) 50 mm
Eyecups H8 mm (45x), H20 mm (18x)
Eyepiece shaft diameter 1,25
Finder binocular optiskais, 2x
Focal length 360 mm
Focal relation f/7,2
Height iof the stand (regulated) 400–1250 mm
Iepakojuma izmēri (GxPxA) 45.0 x 33.5 x 16.0 cm
Magnification 135 x
Optical design refractor
Optical materials stikls
Papildu diagonālais spogulis un mugursoma komplektā
Stand AZ
Svars 2.29 kg
Telescope control manuāla
The largest possible magnification 100 x
Tripod alumīnijs
Warranty 999 months

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