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Telescope Bresser Messier 127mm with EXOS-3 Mount

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Due to the short focal length this telescope provides large and bright fields of view. Don't forget to observe the Anrdomeda Galaxy with the BRESSER Messier AR-127S! The glow of this object that you can observe from the immense distance of 2 million lightyears is as spectacular as it is to watch large nebulae with the Messier AR-127S. Because of the large aperture it is even possible to use nebular filters on the Messer AR-127S. These filters can enhance the appearance of emission nebulae to en astonishing contrast level.  The special four lens construction delivers a better perfomance than a classical two lens achromat of this focal length.The short tube and the rigid mount also make this combination ideal for short easy viewing sessions, especially if the telescope has to be moved for observation. 


High end Hexafoc-focuser with 2,5" free inner diameter

Four lens construction

Ball beared axes (RA / DEC) and worm gears for smooth and precise tracking 

Adjustable polar finder scope with optional illumination

Bubble level for easy tripod setup

8x50 straight through viewfinder with reticle

Cradle rings with handle and integrated piggyback camera holder (1/4 thread)

Dovetail plate with stainless steel rail 50,8mm (2") to 31,7mm (1,25") adapter with integrated T2 thread (T2-adapter ring for your camera is needed)



26mm Super Plössl eyepiece (31.7mm / 1.25")

50.8 mm (2) diagonal mirror

Integrated 31.7 mm and T2 adapter

44mm Universal Dovetail (for EXOS and similar mounts)

Handle with camera holder

8x50 Viewfinder

Adjustable polar finder scope with optional illumination

Astronomy PC software Stellarium

Rotatable star map

EXOS 2 German equatorial mount with steel tube field tripod


Optical design Achromatic Refractor

Magnification from 24

Maximum recommended magnification 254

Mirror/Lens diam. 127 mm

Focal length 635 mm

Angular resolution 1 arc seconds

Type of coating Multi coated

Finderscope 6 x 30 mm

Mount Type German/Equatorial Mount


Polefinder scope included, illumination optional

Fine movements Manual (RA and DEC)

Material tripod3 Steel/chromium-plated steel

Focusing system 2.5" Hexafoc

Colour white

Dust protection caps Dust protection caps for front lens and eyepiece holder

Product series Messier


Net weight OTA (incl. accessories) 7.7 kg

Total length 100 cm

Total width 100 cm

Total height 180 cm

Tube diameter 133 mm

Tube length 965 mm

Height (cm) from 69

Height (cm) up to 109

Tripod height adjustment

Maximum load capacity 13 kg

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