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Student Microscope-Set National Geographic Biolux 40x-800x

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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Biolux Student Microscope-Set

National Geographic Microscope 40x-800x - the microscope for big and small!
Thanks to the new, innovative Smartphone holder you can also observe and save motifs with a smartphone by taking photos. 
The microscope not only convinces with its cool design, but also with a lot of accessories, which allows you to get started in microscopy. These include preparations such as yeast and shrimp eggs, as well as cover glasses and microscope slides.
The motifs can be enlarged from 40x to a maximum of 800x. In addition, the microscope has an adjustable LED illumination for reflected light and transmitted light microscopy.


  • Beginner microscope
  • Enlargement: 40x-800x
  • Objectives: 4x/10x/40x
  • Red light and transmitted light microscopy

Supply Scope

  • Microscope
  • Smartphone Mount
  • 2 Wide Field Eyepieces: WF20x/ WF10x
  • Colour filter disc
  • Box with specimens
  • Storage container
  • Experiment set
  • Preparation set
  • Manualv

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