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Explore Scientific filter 1.25" violet NO.47

Explore  Scientific filter 1.25" violet NO.47
  • 14.95€
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EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Filter 1.25" Violet No.47

The purple filter is perfect for watching Venus. Seeing through it, the dark clouds of the Venus atmosphere become even better visible. He also clears up the structures of the rings around Saturn. Using big openings and having a clear sight this filter is also good for watching Merkur.

What ist a color Filter for and do we really need it ?

Color Filters darken the light slightly, that reaches the eye or the sensor of the camera. This eliminates for instance stronger transitions. The result is that your picture turns out with more contrast which automatically shows more details.


  • Made from high-quality optical glass
  • Filter glass is absolutely parallel 
  • All optical surfaces have anti reflex coatings
  • Filter housing from black anodized aluminum
  • Filter threads on both ends (female/male)
  • Multiple filters usage is possible


  • Color filter
  • Protection-case

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