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Prepared Slides 50 pcs. Box BRESSER

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BRESSER Prepared Slides 50 pcs. Box

Prepared slides are ready made conserved preparations. For high contrast the most of them are stained.

The prepared slides are marked with english and german descriptions. A printed list of the contents is included.

Set includes

  1. Penicillum.W.M. 
  2. Croton stellatopilosus 
  3. Fern Leaf Sec 
  4. Pine Leaf C.S. 
  5. Corn Stem C.S. 
  6. Corn Stem L.S. 
  7. Helianthus Stem L.S. 
  8. Hydrilla Stem L.S. 
  9. Vicia, dicot Leaf W.M. 
  10. Pollen W.M. 
  11. Plasmodesma Sec 
  12. Leaf of Winter Jasmine C.S. 
  13. Allium Scale Epidermis W.M. 
  14. Paramecium W.M. 
  15. Hydra W.M. 
  16. Daphnia W.M. 
  17. Rotifer W.M. 
  18. Culex, House Mosquito Larva 
  19. Blood Smear Human 
  20. Fish Scale W.M. 
  21. Blood Smear Chicken 
  22. Skeletal Muscle C.S. 
  23. Smooth Muscle Teased Prep. 
  24. Motor Neurous Cell W.M. 
  25. Stomach Sec 
  26. Small Intestine Sec 
  27. Lymph Node C.S. 
  28. Spinal Cord C.S. 
  29. Ciliated Epithelium Sec 
  30. Testis Sec 
  31. Ant W.M. 
  32. Butterfly Wing W.M. 
  33. Honey Bee Hind Leg W.M. 
  34. Butterfly Antennular W.M. 
  35. Musca Leg W.M. 
  36. Mosquito Leg W.M. 
  37. Spirogyra W.M. 
  38. Spirogyra Conjugation W.M. 
  39. Euglena W.M. 
  40. Blood, Fish Smear 
  41. Lichenrons Ox Sec 
  42. Potato Sec 
  43. Basswood Stem C.S. 
  44. Letter “e 
  45. Planaria C.S. 
  46. Skin of Frog W.M. 
  47. Honey Bee, Mouth Parts W.M. 
  48. Liver Sec 
  49. Dense Bone Sec 
  50. Clam Gill C.S.


  • 50x prepared slides
  • 1x wooden box

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