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Telescope NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Goto 70/350 >88x

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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Automatic 70/350 Telescope

The computer-controlled refractor telescope is a wide-field-lens telescope that goes with you almost anywhere, due to its compact design. Take this telescope with you wherever you go, whether you're hiking, camping or on vacation. It may be small, but it still includes an easy-to-use go-to system. The computer-controlled refractor telescope can be operated on a desk or with the included tripod. It will show numerous craters on the moon, the cloud belts on Jupiter and Saturn's rings. These are just the beginning of what can be seen with this telescope. The hand control computer of this telescope solves the beginner's biggest challenge: aligning the telescope with the night sky and finding celestial objects in the vast, starry firmament. The menu navigation of the hand control computer is also multilingual and offers the settings of German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.


  • Refractor telescope for beginners
  • Thanks to its compact dimensions also ideal as a travel telescope
  • Computer control for automatic finding of celestial objects
  • Coordinates of more than 270.000 celestial bodies already installed


  • Refractor telescope 70/350
  • Aluminium tripod with accessory tray
  • GOTO handcontrol
  • Eyepieces (10 and 20 mm)
  • Moon filter
  • Rotatable star map
  • Compas with integrated bubble level
  • CD ROM with manual ans astronomy software

6x Mignon AA batteries are required for operation of the motor - not included!

Technical Data

Focus GroupBeginners
Product FamilyRefractor telescope
Magnification from18
Magnification up to88
Mirror/Lens diam.70 mm
Focal length350 mm
Batteries needed6x AA (Mignon), 1.5V
Height (cm) from50
Height (cm) up to115
Tripod height adjustment
Net Weight total (incl. accessories)4.3 kg
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter31.7 mm

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