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Variable Polarizing Filter EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC 1.25"

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EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC 1.25" Variable Polarizing Filter

Universally usable variable polarizing filter with a  1.25" filter thread.
This variable polarizing filter allows for a continuous adjustment of the image brightness. This is very helpful to level strong differences in contrast of different observation objects individually. Particularly for lunar and planetary observations but also for solar observations this filter prevents an outshining of details.

Solar observations ONLY together with an adequate solar filter !!! 

Particularly when a Herschel wedge is used and with large objective lens apertures the use of the variable polarizing filter can reduce the brightness of the observation object to a confortable level. 
The large adjustment range of 40% to 1% light transmission and the neutral grey filter effect create a comfortable and unadulterated image.
The handling is very simple. The desired filtering level is set by turning the two sides of the housing against each other.
1.25" filter thread on both sides (female/male) allow for the simultaneous use of additional colour filters.


  • variable polarizing filter
  • individually adjustable image brightness
  • made from high-quality optical glass
  • black anodized aluminium housing
  • 1.25" filter thread on both sides


  • polarizing filter
  • protective box

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