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Levenhuk Skyline 130x900 EQ Telescope

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Levenhuk Skyline 130x900 EQ Telescope
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Lifetime Warranty
  • Brand: Levenhuk
  • Product Code: 24296
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Weight: 18.25kg
  • Sizes: 50x109x27cm
  • 409.95€ 349.95€
  • Jūsu ietaupījums: 60€
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Levenhuk Skyline 130x900 EQ is a Newtonian reflector, which is most suitable for the study of deep-sky objects. It is also perfect for observation of planets, even the most remote ones: Jupiter, Saturn, or asteroids and comets. NGC objects, many in high detail, are reachable as well. The telescope provides a clear and sharp image.


  • Suitable deep sky objects study: nebulae, galaxies, globular clusters and faint stars;
  • Fairly small overall dimensions for the focal length of 900 millimeters (35.4 inches);
  • Contrast and sharp images without distortion;
  • Can be used for astrophotography.

The kit includes:

  • Telescope optical tube (optical elements inside)
  • SUPER 25 and SUPER 10 eyepieces
  • Equatorial mount EQ2
  • Aluminum tripod
  • 2x Barlow lens
  • User manual and lifetime warranty

The equatorial mount, as opposed to an azimuth one, when being hovered compensates for the rotation of the Earth and allows more precise tracking of astronomical objects, keeping them within sight through the eyepiece. This mount is perfect for astronomical observations and indispensable for astrophotography. The aluminum tripod has adjustable height.

Two achromatic eyepieces SUPER 10 and SUPER 25 with a 1.25-inch (31.75-millimeter) diameter are included in the package and serve as powerful image correction tools. The optics used in the eyepiece are glass with a special coating. Field of view is 50-52 degrees.

Please note that the Levenhuk Skyline EQ user manual is also available

Barlow lens 2x
Country PRC, controlled by Levenhuk, Inc. (USA)
Diameter of the main mirror (aperture) 130 mm
Eyepiece shaft diameter 1,25
Eyepieces SUPER 10, SUPER 25
Finder binocular Optical, 6x24
Focal length 900 mm
Focal relation f/6,9
Focal spot finder pinion and rackbar, 1,25
Height iof the stand (regulated) 700-1250 mm
Optical coverage double- sized muti- coated
Optical design Newton reflector
Resolution threshhold (arcseconds) 1,1
Restrictions of the star sizes 12,5
Stand German equatorial EQ2
The largest possible magnification 260 x
Tripod aluminium
Warranty lifetime

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