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Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ Telescope

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Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ Telescope
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Lifetime Warranty
  • Brand: Levenhuk
  • Product Code: 24295
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • Weight: 6.50kg
  • Sizes: 30.5x98x25.2cm
  • 169.95€ 139.95€
  • Jūsu ietaupījums: 30€
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Levenhuk Skyline 70x700 AZ Telescope is a classic refractor with an azimuth mount. It allows you to examine in detail planets and their satellites, as well as the surface structure of celestial objects. Due to the long focus (700 millimeters, 27.6 inches), the image provided is very clear. In combination with high resolution (1.9 arcseconds), this allows us to study the surface of planets, lunar craters and fractures, and various atmospheric phenomena. This telescope is perfect for terrestrial observations and the study of double stars. As far as long distance objects are concerned, you can see all the Messier objects very well.


  • The telescope has a factory default adjustment and does not require additional and frequent adjustment;
  • Contrast and sharp images in high resolution without chromatic aberration;
  • Highly detailed pictures even at large aperture;
  • Can be used for photographing the Moon and planets;
  • Suitable for both terrestrial and astronomical observations;
  • Ideal for planetary observations and observations of binary stars;
  • Suitable for beginners.

The kit includes:

  • Telescope optical tube (optical elements inside)
  • SUPER 25 and SUPER 10 eyepieces
  • Altazimuth mount AZ2
  • Aluminum tripod
  • 2x Barlow lens
  • Diagonal mirror
  • User manual and lifetime warranty

The telescope is mounted on a powerful and stable mount AZ2, which is well suited for medium-sized telescopes. Such construction is especially popular among novice astronomers, since you can manage the telescope easily and conveniently. The mount has a special shelf for accessories, and it is light and easy to use. The aluminum tripod has a height adjustment.

Two achromatic eyepieces SUPER 10 and SUPER 25 with a 1.25-inch (31.75-millimeter) diameter are included in the package and serve as powerful image correction tools. The optics used in the eyepiece are glass with a special coating. Field of view is 50-52 degrees.

Barlow lens 2x
Country PRC, controlled by Levenhuk, Inc. (USA)
Diameter of the objective lens (aperture) 70 mm
Eyepiece shaft diameter 1,25
Eyepieces SUPER 10, SUPER 25
Finder binocular Optical, 6x24
Focal length 700 mm
Focal relation f/10
Focal spot finder pinion and rackbar, 1,25
Height iof the stand (regulated) 650-1250 mm
Optical coverage double- sized muti- coated
Optical design Achromatic refractor
Resolution threshhold (arcseconds) 1,9
Restrictions of the star sizes 11,2
Stand AZ2
The largest possible magnification 140 x
Tripod aluminium
Warranty lifetime

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