Delivery Information offers – The free delivery throughout the Latvia 

Also you can purchase the articles of your interest at our place  or receive your purchased articles in our shop, address:
Senču iela 2, Rīga, LV-1012 .

Please read about the way of free delivery from 20 EUR:

  1. Free delivery throughout the Latvia to your nearest post office.
    The articles are received from 1 up to 3 working days since the ordering moment.
  2. The free delivery throughout the Latvia at the station "Circle K "  up to weight 7 kg.
    The articles are received from 1 up to 3 working days since the ordering moment.
  3. The paid delivery by the Delivery Service throughout the territory of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia  to your specified address:
    The articles are received from 1 up to 3 working days since the ordering moment.

The delivery prices to your specified address throughout the territory of Latvia- Lithuania- Estonia - 4.00 EUR

* In case, if you want to pay receiving the parcel, the price of encashment service in amount of 2.50 EUR is automatically added to your order.

We recommend to choose the prepayment or bank transfer as the payment way   for your article and its delivery, thus saving on the supplementary expenses of encashment.

* The courier will call you not later than 30 minutes before the agreed delivery time.

*The article having the weight no more than 31,5 kg is delivered by the courier to the house, entrance of many-storey houses.


Before you process the order, read carefully the delivery rules.

Receiving the article you have to check the outer packaging of the article in presence of the courier.

Signing about the receiving of the article, the customer has to confirm that the article was delivered having the undamaged packaging.

In case,  if the customer will find the damage of the outer packaging,  the courier will make the report about the damage  and the fact of the damage will be evaluated in presence of the customer, as well as the content of the parcel concerning the damage will be checked immediately. The gained information will be recorded within the damage report.

In case, if the customer receiving the article does not evaluate the outward appearance of the article and its packaging and will sign about the qualitative delivery of the article, the photos  concerning the damage of the packaging and/or content presented later will be not recognized as the sufficient evidences  for the damage occurred within the delivery process of the article by the courier and the responsibility of the courier will be accepted not so definite.